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Architectural Plans


Our design process is iterative and requires collaboration between Axiom’s engineering designers, and you, our clients, to ensure the final product is functional, visually appealing, user-friendly and whole-heartedly meets your needs.

Meet Our Designers

The design process involves a systematic approach to creating solutions that meet your specific objectives, such as solving a problem or fulfilling a need in the home. It requires expertise in wiring, brand choice, placement, and calibration. Our designers will help you select the right components for your needs, design a layout that maximizes the potential of your space, and optimize your system for the best possible sound and picture quality. Start small; perhaps an entertainment set-up for your family room or an upgraded central sound system. Or, go big from the start and create a dedicated home theater or automate your entire home. If you know what you need, why not get it all at once? Whatever you decide, we’ll make it happen.

Image by Sven Mieke
Make a Plan

Making your project dreams come true requires a combination of dedication, perseverance, and a clear plan of action. After the design and budget is approved via a written estimate, we order equipment and plan for the installation. If needed, we coordinate with other industry project professionals to create a seamless installation. We know that sometimes issues arise along the way, and know it's important to be flexible and adaptable, making adjustments as necessary.

Installing Electrical Outlet
Install and Program

Proper installation is critical to ensuring that your system delivers the best possible performance. We'll arrive on time, protect your furniture, floors, and carpets, and clean up thoroughly when we're finished. We do everything possible to install your project as swiftly and accurately as possible, minimizing return visits and inefficiencies. Well-designed remote control systems are essential for easy system use.  If appropriate for your project, we'll offer the model that's right for your needs, then program it to be frustration-free.

Headphones and Keyboard
Guarantee & Support

All our work carries a 1-year warranty and onsite support. Call us with a question, or schedule a service appointment. Our support team can assist you on your property or sometimes even remotely. We’re always there for our customers.

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