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Why Choose Axiom Home Tech

We're proud of the long-term relati0nships we've built with clients over nearly two decades--and of the projects (originally installed by others) that we've rescued and rehabilitated. We invite you to join with us and become a valued Axiom customer.

Sensitive Design

We'll honor the visual aesthetics of your home, creating solutions that are clean, balanced and carefully scaled to the task and location. If you want, we can even make it all disappear!

Value Engineering

We'll respect your budget by selecting high quality, best value products, then carefully integrating them into systems that will exceed your expectations and make you smile.

Optimized Performance

Our expertise in room acoustics and visual perception means you'll get peak performance out of every A/V product we sell and install.

User-Friendly Controls

Well-designed remote control systems are essential for easy system use.  We'll spec the model that's right for your needs, then program it to be frustration-free.

Superior Craftsmanship

We take pride in everey phase of our work: design and engineering, prewiring, component installation, wire management, programming, calibration, and client instructions.  

Construction Savvy

With decades of construction experience, we understand the building process, and know the importance of deadlines and careful coordination with other project members.

Respecting You & Your Home

We'll arrive on time, proetct your furniture, floors, and carpets, and clean up thoroughly when we're finished.  And we'll always be forthright about our charges.

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